Below is a list of insurance company insolvencies for which the Maine guaranty association has been activated to provide protection to Maine policyholders. Please be advised: this list may not include every insolvent insurer that has affected this state's policyholders. You may be able to find additional information at the Maine Bureau of Insurance. If you have a question about one of these insolvent companies or about a company that does not appear on this list, please contact the guaranty association by clicking here).

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Company Name (Domicile State) NAIC Number Liquidation Date
American Integrity Insurance Company  (PA) 10197 06/25/1993
American Network Insurance Company  (PA) 81078 03/01/2017
Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company  (NC) 84786 In Rehabilitation
Confederation Life Insurance & Annuity Co (CLIAC) (GA) 99384 Released from Oversight
Confederation Life Insurance Company (CLIC)  (MI) 80667 08/12/1994
Executive Life Insurance Company of New York  (NY) 61913 08/08/2013
Fidelity Bankers Life Insurance Company  (VA) 63266 09/29/1992
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company  (PA) 63304 Released from Oversight
First Capital Life Insurance Company  (CA) 65447 Released from Oversight
Inter-American Insurance Company of Illinois  (IL) 67210 12/23/1991
Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Company  (TX) 69833 09/22/2008
Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company  (IL) 22977 05/10/2013
Monarch Life Insurance Company  (MA) 66265 In Rehabilitation
Mutual Security Life Insurance Company  (IN) 66400 12/06/1991
New Jersey Life Insurance Company  (NJ) 66907 08/12/1993
Northwestern National Insurance Company of Milwaukee Wisconsin  (WI) 23914 05/02/2019
Old Colony Life Insurance Company  (GA) 65161 06/30/1994
Pacific Standard Life Insurance Company  (CA) 72842 05/11/1994
Pavonia Life Insurance Company of Michigan  (MI) 93777 Released from Oversight
Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania  (PA) 76325 In Rehabilitation
Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana  (IN) 69051 07/26/2012
Time Insurance Company  (WI) 69477 09/01/2022